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Here at I want people to have fun while they visit us. Fantasy Football is always fun when you’re winning and here at we are winners! We are here to help you win your league, but we also want you to win free stuff!


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2017 Fantasy Football Draft Cheat Sheet is coming soon!

When: The goal is to launch the application on June 1st.
What: Fantasy Football expert advise & the first ever Fantasy Football casino!

Fantasy Football PPR Expert Advice & Analysis is dedicated to providing up-to-the-minute advise for all of the Fantasy Football Junkies around the world who play in PPR format. While our main focus is on PPR scoring settings, our advice is applicable for all scoring formats.
Here at we strongly believe that PPR (points-per-reception) is the future of FANTASY FOOTBALL.
One day we plan on supporting standard scoring settings, but in order to provide the general public with our expertise and guidance for the upcoming 2017 NFL season, we had to limit the topic to what we know best; and that is PPR!

This is NOT your typical Fantasy Football guide..
Here at we are going to become the first LEGAL Virtual Fantasy Football Casino!
Users will have to purchase gift cards through our website in order to place their wagers.